Isla | Eighteen Months Old

Thursday, 29 December 2016
A whole year and a half Isla has been with us, what an exciting fun filled 18 months that has been. It only feels like last month she turned one but now shes another half a year older. Just yesterday we saw some extended family members and they couldn't believe how much she had grown and changed, ok its been a year since we saw them but still

Each day she is looking more and more grown up, luckily the no hair still makes her slightly baby-ish but even thats coming along now. Her hair is certainly growing and becoming darker in colour too, which we expected, she still has beautiful blue eyes. 

She is such a diva of a girl, getting into a lot more trouble than Jack ever did at this age and just so much more of a challenge, I guess this is what happens when you have older siblings right? 

She has begun to interact a lot more, using a lot more speech and able to tell us when she has filled her nappy too. Her speech is coming on really well too, although words aren't overly clear you can understand a lot of what she says. 

Isla eats like a pro, over Christmas we discovered she had a tendency for chocolate, Boxing day we caught her eating some quality streets with the foil still on then later helping herself to some other chocolates. However, she also loves her standard everyday food, unlike Jack she loves meat along with her vegetables and fruit. Shes still breastfeeding a lot too, every time she wants to sleep she will feed, but occasionally has some throughout the day too, apart from when I'm working. 
Last week we moved Isla out of my bedroom, where she was co-sleeping her cot was attatched to my bed, into her own room in her own bed. 

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