Birthday Parties and my poor boy...

Thursday, 19 January 2017
Since I returned to work following my maternity leave with Jack, he has been in nursery or school, that's just over 4 years now. In all of that time he's been invited to one birthday party - ONE!

Now this is not me moaning but Jack has started to notice, he's starting to realise now his friends are going and he's not. Don't get me wrong children are free to choose who they wish to attend their parties, and parents are free to pick whoever too. But sometimes I can't help but weep for my little boy, my little boy who is feeling left out. 

I can't help but relate to this, at school I found it difficult to make friends therefore never went to parties neither when younger or house parties as I was older. I was bullied and I don't want my boy experiencing similar.

Jack is brilliant at making friends, brilliant!
Yes he may be a pain in the bottom sometimes, but aren't all children?

We've talked together about these parties, talked about how it doesn't matter they didn't invite him, when deep down I can feel his pain.

I realise I'm sounding pretty jealous or something similar, but simply I'm just wishing for you to consider your invites. Consider the ones noticing these things, especially when they consider you a good friend.

Now I'm off to consider Jacks party for his upcoming birthday, hoping no-one will be feeling the same.

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