Winter Play Time with ChuckIt! Dog Toys

Thursday, 5 January 2017
Dottie is such a playful pup, after having just having Abbie for such a long time now, I forgot that some dogs, well majority, do actually really like to play. Since the clocks have gone back I'm finding it hard to play with the dogs of an evening outdoors but also when we go on walks. However, back in November the lovely people from ChuckIt! got in touch asking if we would like to try out some of their toys, how exciting?

Obviously, with the darker mornings and nights, the dogs are having a lot of walks within the dark, along with playtime. Keeping on top of their energy can be hard, normally we loose the balls we take with us, because we cannot see to pick them back up. This is where ChuckIt! come in.

We have had lots of use from the amazing products we were sent since that time, and feel we can give them a real good review by now. We were sent a lovely Winter Pack from the team including lots of goodies. 

Within the pack was a Max Glow Erratic Ball, Max Glow Launcher Pro 18, Max Glow Zipflight, Max Glow Ball, Orbiloc Dog Safety Light and Fluff & Spruce Shampoo. 
Everything apart from the light and shampoo were from ChuckIt!, and they all glow in the dark, amazing huh? 

First to get a use was the safety light, simply because this was put on before we went for our walkies. Recently we've been taking the dogs a lot when its dark, attempting to walk them and control two children is difficult so I await childcare just so I can walk them. The Orbiloc keeps your pooch visible at all time up to 5km. 

Then we have the toys, the Erratic Ball has been a firm favourite, bouncing in every which direction, this is the one getting the most play as it works well when out on walks but also within the garden space. The geometric shape ensures the ball never bounces straight, except in goes in every direction. 

Next the Launcher with the glow ball has had a lot of use. Dottie is full of slobber, and picking up a ball to throw again for her, is simply yuck! so, the launcher comes in perfect for picking up the ball. Using with the glow balls, ensures we can always see where the ball is going within the dark. ChuckIt! claim just 5 minutes of light will give you 30 minutes of bright play. 

The Zipflight didn't have too much play from us, Dottie wasn't overly keen on the shape of this, much preferring a ball but we still do have some play with it, mainly within the garden space. However, its perfect for use as it floats on the water too. Their are plenty of glow pieces around the outside ensuring visibility at all times. 

Anyway, Dottie is a puppy, she is chewing through everything and I mean everything, have you heard about my kitchen walls and flooring? However, up to yet, these items are still remaining in tack. In all honesty I've no idea what they have made them from but they are certainly standing the test of time. Not only that, they are still really bright in regards to glowing too. 

Of course, after every walk, especially in the wet cold weather you need to freshen up your mucky pup, and this shampoo comes in perfectly. Leaving your pooch looking and smelling beautiful too. 

We have loved all of these products, and I'm amazed they are still going strong after all of this time. 

Please Note: I received these products in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced by this.

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