Giant Gazillion Bubbles Machine | A Review

Thursday, 23 March 2017
What child doesn't love bubbles? Actually adults too, there seems to be some amazement in how big a bubble you can get. Both of my two children absolutely love bubbles. Last summer I brought Jack a bubble machine but it quickly burnt out and didn't last all too long. We then brought a Gazillion Bump-N-Go-Robot and well thats still going strong. So when we were asked to review the Giant Gazillion Bubbles Machine I knew it would be a big hit with the children. 

The Giant Bubble Mill is the ultimate machine to have super-sized bubble fun! It comes complete with the machine and an 8oz bottle of bubble solution. Its a very lightweight machine and after use is easy enough to clean out to keep it in good condition until the next play, three AA batteries are included to run the machine which aren't included. 

To use the machine, you simply pour in the solution into the side of the machine and turn it on. SIMPLE! The mill will then rotate whilst blowing air creating the giant bubbles which continuously blow out. As it blows the bubbles continuously the area surrounding can get very messy, so we found it best to play outdoors. I'm sure in the summer we are going to get lots of use from this as the children chase them around the garden. 

We will continue to purchase the Big Bubble Solution as they are premium bubbles which you can get within refill packs of 8oz, 2L or 4L bottles. With our other machine I found it worked best with these bubbles as the bubbles were larger and more sturdy. Each of the toys along with the refills are available to purchase at ASDA online.

Please Note: We received this machine in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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