Easter Egg-Stravaganza at National Forest Adventure Farm

Thursday, 13 April 2017
Last weekend saw the opening of the Easter Egg-Stravaganza at the National Forest Adventure Farm in Tatenhill. We have been to the adventure farm many times before, but never for one of their Easter events. There is always plenty to see and do at the farm whether or not an event is on so we were keen to find out all about the Easter excitement.

We arrived around midday on a very hot day, do you remember the heat last weekend?! I expected the farm to be really busy and although the car park was rather packed there was still plenty of room, and even when in the farm there was plenty of space to move around.

When we arrived we had a look at the tractor ride times, its something we haven't been on before despite the times we have been. On our last visit when I went with my friend, she took the boys on there but nothing Ashley and I have previously been on. However, during Easter it doesn't run from the usual location and is situated around by the walk so we made our way around there.

On our way around, we stopped in the animal barn, having a look at the chicks, bunnies and guinea pigs along with the pigs and baby goats. The guinea pigs were out with a member off staff, so Jack managed to have a little stroke of them before they went back to play.

We then headed back outside and had just missed one of the Easter tractor rides, so went a walk around the outdoor paddocks where we managed to see some lambs in the fields with their mothers. Jack, Isla and I were mesmerized by the little lambs and how amazing they learn. After walking around and admiring the lambs for ages we headed back to the tractor ride queue, it takes around 10 minutes to wait for the next one to arrive which isn't too long.

Onto the tractor we got where we seemed to head miles out, in fact it was just a short distance out of the fields into a woodland area. When we arrived we were greeted by a staff member who introduced us to the area and explained what to do before giving each of the children a sheet to stamp along the trail. By the time you reach the Easter bunny you should have 6 stamps to exchange.
Along the walk we were greeted by a little mouse and a big fox. After following the trail and collecting each of the stamps, we met with the Easter bunny who gave each of the children a chocolate treat. After this we headed back onto the Easter Eggspress and went back to the farm.

We were hoping to feed the lambs next but we had just missed it, in fact each time we missed so we never got the chance to do this BUT you can. There is a little area with set times where you can join in and feed the lambs.

So, instead we headed around to Lambing Live, there were lots of sheep awaiting to have their lambs along with some who had recently had theirs. There was one lovely mommy sheep who had that morning given birth, one at 10.30am weighing in around 5lb and another at 11.30am only weighing around 1lb, such a difference. The smallest one was struggling to feed so the staff were trying to encourage latching but it was lovely to see.

Next we headed over to the large outdoor play area, both children had loads of fun on the jumping pillows along with the other activities before we enjoyed an ice cream.

Before our journey home we headed into the potting shed where we planted a sunflower seed. The children have the opportunity to decorate a small pot before filling with soil and putting a seed in. Jack loves planting seeds and watching them grow so I'm certain he will find this fun.

Although this is all we did on our day there, theres plenty of other activities you can take part in including the outdoor activities and the indoor play area.

If you are looking for a fun activity this Easter with the kids, the National Forest Adventure Farm is a great day out. Rain or Shine there is plenty to do and enjoy, even for a full day.

Please Note: We were given free entry in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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