How to find your man the perfect suit.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017
Who else agrees that a man wearing a suit can majorly change their overall appearance?
When my partner wears a suit, I totally look at him in a different light, all professional looking. BUT, choosing a good suit for them can be a difficult choice. Men don't have the greatest clothing range to choose from but the suit department tends to have loads of choice for them. 

Anyway, shopping for suits can be difficult, I mean shopping for men is difficult enough without the added stress of finding the perfect suit, please say you've been there too? So I thought I'd share some tips for looking for a good suit, no matter what the occasion. Oh and Fathers Day is fast approaching, perfect excuse right?

First and foremost, Get Measured. 
In many stores around the country you will have qualified and trained staff members who are on hand to perfectly take all your measurements for you, ensuring you get the perfect fit. 

Choose the Right Fabric.
You may have a preference on the fabric you would like to use, and as suits come in all kinds of fabrics you will need to narrow it down to what looks and fits you best. Another thing to consider with the fabrics is are they machine washable suits or will they require dry-cleaning each time - therefore making them more expensive long term. The time of the year and weather will also play preference on this too, you are not going to be wanting a pure wool suit in summer are you?

Check the Fittings.
I don't mean how it fits on you, I mean the fit the suit comes in, slim fit, tailored or the classic. Each style being different from the others and a crucial choice to make. Each can change the overall look you are trying to achieve too. 

Finally, To Jacket or Not to Jacket?
That is the question... 
I love a suit with a waistcoat, but also feel these are for more formal events, weddings as such. But then for weddings I like the idea of full tails if your part of the ceremony. I feel a jacket is a more casual approach, but equally these just get hung up, or draped on a chair so is there much use? Again, this can change the overall look so is an important decision to make. 

Overall, there is a lot of differentiating factors when it comes to purchasing a suit, all of which can quickly change the overall look, so its not a decision to be rushed, but equally not one you need to take too much time over. 

What kind of suits do you like?

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