Isla | Two Years Old

Thursday, 29 June 2017
So cliche but it's hard to believe Isla is two, I cannot believe she is growing up so quickly, but also it feels like she has been here a whole lot longer. 
I feel she has changed so much since the last update six months ago, but especially within the last year.

So physically, of course, shes taller, a lot more grown up despite still having chunky thighs which are just the cutest. Her hair is coming on, shes still hardly got any but a lot more than her first birthday. At the back its down to the bottom of her neck and has some other long parts too. Hopefully she will soon have enough for a small pineapple bobble. 

Her confidence is blooming, she is a lot more outgoing then I ever remember Jack being at this age. She is such an independent little girl, preferring to do things alone than with help. Not wanting to be in her pushchair very often of recent and wanting to walk a lot more, when we aren't in a rush we let her but other than that, we can encourage her into the pushchair. Isla absolutely loves to run, shes quite hilarious but damn quick. We had Jacks sports day last week and she came first in the toddlers race. 

Her vocabulary is coming along, although my Nan still says she can't understand her, her words are a lot clearer and almost everyone can pick up what shes saying. We are at the stage again of watching what we say as she is repeating absolutely everything, yep you know that stage

Her eating habits are still really good, eating everything we place in front of her, although not always in the cleanest of manners it almost always gets eaten. Shes still a fan of meat and vegetables although her favourite food of all is bananas. Shes drinking a bit more independently too, taking more drinks from a beaker now than before. She is still breastfeeding like a pro, this last week reducing to mainly just an evening feed for bedtime with the occasional daytime feed too if shes wanting a nap. 

Most of all, I cannot believe how much this little girl of mine has grown up. The little independent monster she has become. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, beautiful girl. 

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