Is The Dyson Supersonic Worth The Price Tag? Celebrating One Year On.

Sunday, 30 July 2017
A couple of weeks ago now I was invited along to an event surrounding the Dyson Supersonic, Dyson's innovative hair styler. The event was held at John Lewis in Grand Central along with some other brands, i'll get onto those in a moment. We were greeted at the Supersonic stand, which is by the beauty products before being shown to a side room. When arriving at the event room we were greeted by champagne and cupcakes - what more could a girl ask for on a child free evening.

The Dyson team were of course the focus of this event, but they were joined by some other brands to help celebrate and for us to see what they had to offer, these included Dior, Aveda and La Prairie. Before the presentation started we were all free to mingle, explore the brands and get to know the other bloggers there too. I had a lovely hand massage from the Aveda stand which was so relaxing and I got to learn a lot about the brand and products whilst speaking with the lady. I'd not explored them as a brand before, so it was nice to discover something new.

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After a short while we were given a presentation from the Dyson team regarding the Supersonic, which really was an eye-opener into the research and development of which Dyson put in. To justify the price-tag; 5 years, 600 prototypes, £58 million and 103 engineers went into the making of the Supersonic. Dyson built their own hair lab to exactly test how the hair reacts using over 1000 miles of natural hair trellises, causing a world wide shortage. As you would expect from Dyson, this wasn't a typical developmental activity, they went above and beyond to develop this innovative product.

Ok so what makes the Dyson Supersonic different to a traditional hairdryer I hear you ask? Well, all that research paid off for something.
The Dyson Supersonic comes with Intelligent Heat Control - featuring a build in thermostat so the temperature never exceeds that of what you choose. Did you know at 150 degrees you are causing irreparable heat damage to your hair, with most traditional hairdryers going up to 230 degrees, almost 100 degrees hotter than the damage mark. The Dyson Supersonic has a highest temperature of 100 degrees of which it has 4 heat settings to get there, 28 degrees, 60 degrees, 80 degrees then 100 degrees. The most amazing part I find is the glass bead thermistor which regulates the temperature of the airflow 20 times a second, 20 TIMES A SECOND!

Have you ever noticed how when drying your hair you generally get arm ache, just me? well, this is because the motor for a dryer normally sits within the top of the dryer meaning the balance isn't well positioned. Dyson have of course looked at this and positioned their V9 digital motor within the handle meaning the Supersonic is evenly balanced, no more achy arms, wrists or shoulders. 

Look at the size different in a traditional motor and the Dyson V9 digital motor

Whilst we are talking about the V9 motor, as it sits within the handle it draws in 13 litres of air per second, of which the Patented Dyson Air Multiplier amplifies the air flow by 3 times then producing 41 litres of air per second at a whopping 105 mph. The advanced technology of this means your hair not only dries quicker, but also smoother, shinier and straighter giving flawless results all whilst reducing the risk of damage to your hair. Finally the V9 digital motor is acoustically tuned, yes its also a musical instrument, seriously though, the motor is surrounded within a rubber mount to stop the vibration, the motor is silent so the only noise you hear is the airflow.

Do you know what? I went to this event thinking, I would never spend that much money on a hairdryer, especially not when I can pick one up for less than 10 times the price. But I left thinking otherwise.
So, is the Dyson Supersonic worth the price tag? Yes I'd say it is.

I certainly think the Supersonic would be a brilliant investment, in my younger years I caused a lot of damage to my hair by consistently colouring it, straightening it and drying it on the highest setting. In recent years, I've used less heat and not coloured my hair and its finally restored back to a decent condition. Therefore, I'm a bit cautious of using heat opting to leave my hair to dry naturally where possible. However, I feel if I was in a position to purchase a new hairdryer, and had a spare £300 the Supersonic would definitely be one of choice and I feel I would certainly use it more often knowing its not going to damage my hair. So if anyone feels like buying me a gift, this would be fine.

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  1. I am not a big one for buying lots of products, but this is definitely on my wish list! X



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