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Saturday, 1 July 2017
We along with many others around the world are huge Disney fans, especially Mickey and Minnie. Both children love to put classic Minnie and Mickey and Donald and Daisy sketches on YouTube to watch. As well as a love for Disney, they also love imaginative play and Isla's is just developing further. 

So recently when we were asked to review the Minnie Mouse Shopping Mall, I knew it would be a hit, with me too

Minnie's Shopping Mall is produced by imc toys, and currently not available to purchase, although it should be shortly with an RRP of £36.99. 

Upon arrival, the box was quite large and very eye catching, with the bright colours to draw you in, its sure to be something to attract your child. I soon got onto unpacking so Isla and I could have a play. Inside of the large box was various smaller pieces in bags which required assembly with complex instructions taking around 25 minutes in total. When it was finally assembled it looked great, with lots too keep your little one occupied. 

The Minnie's Shopping Mall is recommended for children aged 3+ due to the smaller parts, although Isla is only 2 and was playing with this, I was watching her at all times and ensuring nothing small got into her hands. 

There are so many smaller features which overall make this a fantastic toy for imaginative play. The mall features a two-story play area, with an escalator to travel between the two levels. With this you simply place Minnie or Daisy's feet within it and slide it up and down so simple enough to operate. There is also a changing room within the upper middle, which features a turn table enabling you to show off your latest style sense. 

The photo booth was the biggest highlight for my two, this is the part requiring the batteries as it has lights and sounds which mimic those of taking the photos. They loved that they could dress either character and then take photos of them within the booth. 

On the lower section, there is a hairdressers with a chair, a shop with a till and card swipe machine which pings when you place the card through. Also included are a clothes rail complete with coat hangers and change of clothes, a hat stand and a large mirror which are move-able around the play area. 

So our overall verdict, this toy has been a big hit, something which both the children have been able to use their imagination with and get creative. The only part we all found a little fiddly, was placing the clothing items onto the characters, they were hard to secure into place meaning they sometimes would fall down and off. 

For me, setting up was a little fiddly, but this is something which is only done once and potentially with some concentration it may not be as fiddly, or even if you don't have sausage fingers like I do.I feel this toy is a little expensive however it would be ideal as a birthday or christmas gift as it would be more in budget for then. 

What does matter is that it kept their attention for a while and encouraged them to use a wide range of skills, which ultimately it achieved. 

Please Note: I received this in exchange for an honest review, all views and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way

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