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Monday, 21 August 2017
It's almost that time of year again to send the kids back off to school. When I was younger, I loved getting to buy new things during the Summer for the new school year; the only downside being my birthday is the end of the holidays, so I would get plenty of school items for my birthday. Getting lots of new goodies was always an exciting times, some things you'd only use for a short space of time but they were still amazing right? So I've collated a little list of some of the little essential to help you prepare.

First up, you've got the essential school uniform. Ok everyone seems to remember this one. Theres plenty of choice around with basics starting quite cheaply, or of course costing more depending on the quality and build type. We tend to get our essentials from supermarkets as we have found no difference in them lasting if we buy more expensive. We tend to get reinforced knees too as we have a typical boy. Along with the clothing, you also have shoes to think about. For shoes we always tend to buy better quality, this is something we found that spending more means they last.
We have had these lovely Boat shoes from Dobell which are high quality standard school shoes. These look tough enough to withstand everything that Jack will throw at them - tree climbing and all. They come with a high quality velcro which seems to hold really well and support around the ankles which we've found to be needed. He wasn't too fussed that they didn't have a fancy footprint underneath either and I'm sure they will do the job just as well.

Next up we have lunchtime, now whether your little one will have school lunches or take their own lunch they are bound to need a water bottle. At Jack's school they are allowed water - either plain or flavoured on the desk with them all day. Jack always takes his water and chooses his own water bottle before hand. This year we've opted for a Brita Water Bottle. The BRITA fill&go bottle is an easy way to make sure your child is hydrated at school. It's great as it can be filled up at any tap and the filter disk (which lasts a month) will reduce the levels of impurities and chlorine, leaving you with fresh tasting water to power through your school day. Occasionally Jack will say the water tastes funny, so for us, this is a great way to ensure fresh tasting water all day.

Then of course for those who enjoy taking their own lunch, you of course need a lunchbox. We found this awesome 'Lunch Bot' - the robot lunch box at Findmeagift. Its made from a tin body which will ensure your sandwiches or even those pesky bananas don't all get squashed no matter how he gets thrown around. When seeing this Jack said its the coolest lunchbox hes ever seen so I think we scored some good points there.
Whilst looking on Findmeagift we also stumbled across these Lunch Bugs lunch bags, aren't they just the coolest thing ever? Perfect for those bug loving children or even for yourself if your lunch tends to get stolen at work. They will certainly brighten up any sandwich at lunchtime.

There is also what to put inside of a lunch bag when taking packed lunches, of course you've got the necessary sandwich, drink and a piece of fruit but what else should you add to comply with the 'healthy lunch' policies many schools now have. Del Monte have a new range of Squeezies which are perfect snacks full of vitamins and minerals all whilst bursting with flavours. Each pack counts as one of their five a day with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Also, they don't need to be kept in a fridge or require a spoon so are perfect for in the lunch box without all the mess of a jelly.

Finally, there is always personal hygiene to keep an eye on and with the return to school generally sees a return in head lice too. In the return to school season you tend to see a lot more people buying head lice treatments - trust me I work in a chemist - so it seems like when most people get them. I am lucky in the respect of I've not had to deal with it with my own children but I remember the ordeal from when I was younger. Hedrin have a wide range of products available to help if you've caught head lice or even to prevent them. The Hedrin Protect and Go Spray is a great protection, simply spray on after every hair wash or at least twice a week to help protect. 

Sometimes, children can need a little encouragement along the way in their education - especially the early days or those which are a little tougher. So you could get some small worthwhile rewards in which they would like and enjoy to keep up the encouragement. We did this with Jack in Reception and will again this year. These itty bittys from Hallmark are perfect small toys for appreciation and I know Jack will love them. They do a wide range of designs too so you could reward different things and complete a set. 

Another thing I'm keen to try this year, is the new app TrustedParents Its a free community aiming to bring parents together to help support and encourage each other - more so to move things back offline. We know that starting a new nursery or school (and even just starting a new school year!) as well as returning to work can be a huge pressure to many parents and TrustedParents can help find a support network for these challenging situations. Whether it’s setting up a group within our site/app to organise school pick up swaps, an after-school meet up or arranging a playdate or a birthday party for your children and their friends, our site/app aims to help you grow that all important support network and gives you a safe platform to do so! I always struggle finding people to help out with Jack with us living in a different area to our families. With Ashley's shifts always changing I feel like this app will be super useful for us. 

There are of course other things depending on the child which will be needed but as Jack is only in his second full time year he doesn't require too much. 

What else would you recommend?

Please Note: I was provided sample products for majority of the features above. This post also contains affiliate links. 

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