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Sunday, 22 October 2017
Last month we were lucky enough to receive Gassy the Cow from Drumond Park, and after watching the adverts on the television its set to be one of the big games this year and we can see why.

Playing Gassy the Cow couldn’t be simpler and it’s really been a hit with Jack, both for the poop factor and the enjoyment. It’s simple to understand, which is a great aspect to the game when playing with younger ones. Each player has a boot of an individual colour, these are your counters if you wish, in turns each player than spins the spinner for it to land on a coloured boot. Whichever colour it lands on, that player takes to Gassy and lifts the tail awaiting to see what is to come next.

Now this is the fun part for Jack, and I guess any boy or young child – why do they find poop so funny. When you lift the tail one of four things could happen and you have to see which for what happens to you. It could be gas, it could be a wee, it could be a poop or even a mega poop. If you get gas, nothing happens you continue to the next player.

If you get a wee, you can wash away any poop already on your boots therefore taking the poop off. If you don’t already have a poop, you just put it back in the pile.

If you get a poop, you add it onto your boot, get another and you are out.

However, if you get the mega poop, you are instantly out.

The winner is the one with the cleanest boots at the end of the game.

The cow is really well made, and requires batteries to work, but who doesn’t have a box full somewhere in the house. The bright colours keep children occupied and although gross keeps kids entertained for ages.

We now have the opportunity for one lucky winner, to win themselves a copy of Gassy The Cow.

Gassy The Cow Game

Please Note: I received this toy in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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