Izziwotnot Solo Hanging Rail from Kiddies Kingdom | A Review

Tuesday, 24 October 2017
We have lived in this house just over two years now, and we are finally beginning to take on decorating it. Leaving behind the magnolia shell and adding our own bursts of colour. Almost a year ago Isla finally got her own bedroom - not that she sleeps in it that much, but we are slowly working on making this room into a gorgeous room for any little girl. At the moment, I'm undecided on what colour or theme to do her room in so I'm just adding in accessories to make it perfect and that will be useful when we decide what to do in there. 

Recently, we were contacted by Kiddies Kingdom to see if we would like to review for them. Kiddies Kingdom sell everything from pushchairs, to kids furniture, to car seats and toys, literally everything you could need is there. They offered us a beautiful solo hanging rail for review, and I knew a perfect place for this, in Islas bedroom. Now although Isla's room has a built in wardrobe, I knew it would be perfect for her dressing up outfits. 

We were offered the beautiful Izziwotnot Solo Hanging Rail in White, and it fits perfectly in Islas bedroom. Not long after it was arranged, it had turned up at our house ready to be built. . 

The rail arrived within a tall, narrow box which was light enough to carry. It had all the individual parts in to build the rail, which was easily achieved within less than half an hour, probably a lot less than that but I had Isla helping. 

The overall look and quality of the rail is amazing, with just the two screws at the side being visible, which aren't really a problem. The design is finished with smooth edges so that its gentle for children and tall enough for clothing to be off the floor, but small enough so they are able to reach. 

As I mentioned, I decided I would be using this for all of Isla's dressing up outfits, she has an ever growing collection as she loves dressing up so its the perfect way for her to be able to see all of the outfits and pick which she would like to wear and when. At the bottom there is a little racked shelf which you can pop on any bags or shoes. Isla has some dressing up shoes for Christmas so we will be popping those on there once we have them.

Overall, I love the overall design and feel of this rail, and the service from Kiddies Kingdom was second to none. The rail has added a lovely feature into Isla's room and I cannot wait to start rolling with some ideas to decorate it now. 

Please Note: I received this rail from Kiddies Kingdom in exchange for an honest review, however all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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