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Friday, 27 October 2017
Both Jack and Isla absolutely love trains, and Thomas the Tank Engine is always a hit here. So when we were shown and invited to review the Thomas and Friends Learn With Thomas Alphaphonics, I couldn't resist. I've mentioned a lot, and even on our Peppa review just yesterday how I always try to get toys which encourage learning whilst being fun, and this is another toy which does this.

At school Jack's focus in year 1 is still very much on phonics, along with other things and it's something which he picked up perfectly so I've been keen to try with Isla so this is something they can both use. The toy is specifically designed to encourage phonics in various fun ways.

Thomas Alphaphonics is a small electric learning pad which main focus is on having fun whilst learning. It's particularly aimed at those pre-school and just after as it encourages letter sounds. The unit itself is very light and easy enough to carry around, its been on many a journey with us, buts its so easy to carry around.

Upon the unit, each letter of the alphabet is featured with both upper and lower cases, which I find great as Jack was mainly taught using lower case so when it came to seeing an upper case he would get a little confused. It also has many familiar faces upon the keys which correspond with the letters.

There are seven modes of play each focusing on a different activity. The first allows you to press a button to hear the word and sound, the second is similar but gives the letter name and phonetic sound. The third encourages the child to find a character and gives you 3 chances, the fourth again encourages you to look for the first letter of a word, again giving 3 chances. The fifth is to find a phonetic letter from the spoken word, the sixth asks the child to copy a sequence of sounds and finally the last button plays fun sounds. It gives many different activities for the child to focus on, starting quite simple for those just learning and progressing with development for those more able.

Upon the unit there is a sound control which the child would easily be able to control, both Jack and Isla are able to when asked to turn it down which is perfect. The only downside to this is there is no off switch, you simply wait for the fat controller to stop talking after a short while and it will turn off but catch a button and you will know about it.

The Thomas Alphaphonics game retails around £19.99 and is available from all good toy retailers. Its one I would highly recommend as it encourages so much learning whilst the children think they are playing. This has been both a hit with Jack and Isla and has a variety of activities they can do for both of their age abilities.

Please Note: We received this toy in exchange for an honest and impartial review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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