Jack | Six Years Old.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Six. Six seems like an awfully big number, six years old just seems so much bigger and more grown up. Each birthday I say this but the time just flies. 

Over the past year, you've grown up so much. There are still so many cheeky and silly parts to you but that's what makes you Jack. You really are one of a kind. You are such a character at school and typically 'one of the boys' having many a friend whilst also keeping your teachers on their toes. However, you love to learn, focusing on your work and enjoying them equally. 

You are such an amazing big brother, and you adore your little sister. She's so much like you, if not more crazier but still. 

This birthday is not everything you hoped, I know that - but I hope we make it just as fun without everything else. 

This past year, you've made tremendous changes, and I'm so incredibly proud of you. Gone is that sweet little boy who needed his momma for everything.

Six years ago you made me a mother, six years ago you made me realise what true love it. 

We love you so very much, x

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