Spring Wardrobe Makeover - Budget Friendly

Thursday, 22 February 2018
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There's nothing I love more than dressing the kids up in the latest fashion finds. However, since becoming a parent, then a homeowner too, I no longer have as much budget to just spend on things. I think long and hard about how I want to spend my money and the best use for it. However, this doesn't mean I don't want us all to not look good or even up to date on the latest trends. This is where supermarket shopping comes in handy. 

Over the years the fashion collections which are available within the supermarket have got better - I remember when I would look and it would be tacky, or you could tell it was cheaply made but now, it seems of a much better quality and in good comparison to the high street. 

Personally, I don't think supermarkets get enough credit for their clothing ranges. For me, its a go-to for the kids and always at a bargain price too meaning I actually get more for my money whilst they still look on trend - key when you have kids who are always getting messy. 

Recently we went along to the local Sainsburys and picked up a few things for the children, which were not only super cheap but looked great too whilst feeling like good quality. 

For Jack, we got a selection of trousers, including these lovely jeans which were just £9, along with a selection of 3 tops for £10.50. For Isla, we picked up a bargain pack of three trousers for £10 and matching pack of 3 tops which were £10. Then of course, we went when the magnificent 25% off was on making them even more reasonable - its all about being a savvy shopper. 

Another reason I'm choosing supermarket clothing is, you may or may not know, I'm currently attempting to loose weight. Due to this, I'm not wanting to spend too much on clothing for myself as I, of course, would love to drop down the sizes as quickly as possible. But, whilst I'm in-between my current size and where I would love to be, I don't want to look frumpy. Therefore, I'm opting to buy a selection of clothing from local supermarkets which enables me to still look good and reasonably fashionable - as much as I do - whilst keeping my budget aside for a big reveal wardrobe at the end, let's face it I'll probably still stick with supermarket fashion then. 

Whilst we were in there, I decided to treat myself to a new top to spur on my weight loss, as well as reward what I've lost so far and picked up a lovely white blouse, although more of a casual type. I thought this would be ideal for both everyday use, as well as when I finally get a school placement to accompany my studies. 

Within Sainsburys, they had a lot of lovely clothing around, not only for the children but for adults too. I could have spent so much money and will certainly be heading back for more for the children, growth spurts mean I can spend lots right? Sticking with supermarkets and support their clothing ranges is something I regularly do. With Sainsburys I find the clothing washes well, sticking in the size and shape it arrived in. It withstands everything the children throw at it, and even after lots of washes, still looks as fantastic as when we brought them. 

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