Providing Support To Your Loved Ones As They Grow Old.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

As your family members begin to grow old they will increasingly need more support from you and your younger family members. They will often need to have a little more care than they did before and their independence may waver, which is why it is our job to be there to support them the best we can. There are plenty of ways we can support our older family members, and here are a few.


One of the main things which will affect your relatives as they grow older is their inability to carry out certain tasks alone. Due to injury, illness and their bodies growing weaker- our elderly relatives can become less independent and this can take a huge toll on them. You can be there to help them feel much more loved and help them out with their daily lives, and this will allow them to stay living at home in a familiar environment for much longer.

A Care Home

Care homes get a bad rep sometimes, but they can actually be a great place to look after your elderly relatives and keep them healthy during their old age. Care homes such as Porthaven offer a huge support to the elderly, giving them a private room which they can decorate, the access to gardens and lots of communal areas to spend time with similar people. It can be a great way to keep your older relative healthy because they will be surrounded by people their own age and will always have access to care when they need it.

Mental Support

When you begin to lose your independence and even when you are forced to leave your own home, it can take a huge toll on mental health and confidence. Many elderly people begin to retreat into their own bubble s they grow weaker because they simply don’t have the strength to leave the house. You can help your elderly relatives by spending more time with them when they need us and to even take them out to meet other elderly people who they can get along with, to give them that extra confidence.

At Home Care

If you don’t want to send your relative away to a care home there is the option of bringing them to live at home with you instead. This will mean a bit of preparation on your part with adding a stair lift, recliner chair and toilet rial- however having your relative at home with you can be great for everyone involved. You will need to dedicate some time to doing up the house and moving their things in, however having your family all together can be great for everyone involved. It give you more time to bond, look after them and to make amazing memories with your loved one. You can have a much healthier and happier life all as one big family this way, and your elderly relative will be able to get the care they need whenever they need it.

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