Importance of Keeping a Hold of Memories.

Sunday, 29 April 2018
Choosing to keep a hold of memories is something I like to do, I don't remember much from my childhood other than what we have few photographs of, or when we talk about something and my mum can remember something. I also feel like I have a massive space in my heart because when my Grandad passed away, it was before the wide use of cameras, and mobile phones and again I don't really remember him other than the few photographs. These really grieve's me as he was one of the most important people in the world to me. 

I don't ever want my children to feel like this, I want them to have memories of their childhood, I want them to have memories of our family members and their friends and something they can always look back on and remember. 

These days we live in a very digital world, most memories are held on social media or other online platforms, or simply in the form of a digital photograph somewhere. But, where do we hold those memories which cannot be in a photograph, those of handprints, those of scents or materials such as parts of your wedding or families weddings?

That's where scrapbooking and memory boxes come in useful, both Jack and Isla have memory boxes with everything special from their childhood which as they grow older they may not want, but currently, I do. We have special clothing in there, special scents, cards and gifts from special occasions we have chosen to keep as well as certificates. 

A little while ago we were sent a lovely package from Active Minds, who provide enjoyable activities for people living with Dementia. The idea of the Reminiscence box they created was to talk about the importance of holding onto those memories. 

Within our box, we decided we would include some memories of the people of importance to both Jack and Isla, they chose to put pictures and some handwritten memories of adventures with both Ashley and me, as well as those with their grandparents and great-nan. They then set to adding some decorations to the book to make it colourful. We also considered making and having some little parts on there but didn't end up having any, but if you would like to you can see a guide on die cutting machines. 

Keeping and sharing memories is important to keep the mind active when you feel like you are forgetting something, a quick glance at a photograph or even feel of something or particular smell can bring a wide range of memories back. 

Family members have had dementia and I feel by sharing a box similar to the one we made, it would have helped them to remember key points within their life, key memories in which they had and help ease some of the symptoms, keeping them engaged within their lives. 

For us, keeping memories alive has always been of importance, it is partly the reason why I decided to start this blog, however, I also want to keep physical memories, which is why I think the idea of a memory box or scrapbook is great, not only for small children and adults but also for those who may be experiencing dementia. 

Please Note: In exchange for this post I received the memory box and scrapbooking materials. 

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