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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Arizona is a magical area in the heart of the USA which is known for it’s sunny climate, long roads and stunning sunsets. If you fancy a tri or any area of Arizona this summer, Phoenix should be the first option on your list.

To get to Phoenix you can take a plane from n you the major airports over the country to land at Phoenix airport. Once you are there you can even book a room with the Phoenix Airport Marriott to make things easier when you want to go home. Here are some of the things you simply have to go and see during your trip.

Heard museum

If you love to see art and culture from around the world, the heard museum is a place you will love to visit once, even multiple times during your stay. This museum is the home to over 32000 different pieces of art, and will keep you occupied for hour on end as you study each piece. It is an ever changing landscape which you will be able to visit again and again over the years to experience new exhibits.

Desert Botanical Garden
We know Arizona as one of the desert states in the USA so it is no surprise that this state would be the home of a desert botanical garden. Unlike a regular botanical garden, The Desert Botanical Garden has a huge collection of desert ornate such as succulents, cacti and other exotic breeds. You will be able to see the weird and wonderful shapes of different plants and learn just why they look the way they do for the weather conditions they live in. It’s the perfect place to bring a snack or two and enjoy the peaceful air of nature.

Chase Field

If you are a lover of sport, in particular if you love baseball, a trip to the Chase Field would be a great way to spend a day and see the beauty of baseball in its purest form. Cause Field was the first baseball facility in the world to bring I air conditioning and a retractable roof for their fans. You might even be lucky enough to time your trip and get to see a game played in the stadium.

Hike Up A Mountain
If you see yourself as a bit of an adventurer, Phoenix can give you some amazing locations to hike and climb in order to keep yourself fit during your holiday. Piestewa Peak is an area which covers 2608 feet, and the mountain itself has a summit at a level of 1190 feet. If you fancy a fun day out in the sunshine with your family you can head on up and take the trail through stunning scenery.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

If you take a visit to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum you will be able to see a total of around 3200 different species of plant and enjoy the wildflowers which bloom during the summer months. You can also spend time teaching your children about the various wildlife and birds which grace the area throughout the year.

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