5 Tips To Save Money On A Luxury Dress

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Need a special dress for a special occasion? It’s easy to spend a fortune on a stunning dress that you may only ever wear once. Here are some tips for grabbing yourself a designer dress at a discount.   

Know your size

The worst thing you can do is buy a dress in a size too small in the hope that you’ll one day slim down enough to wear it. You should buy clothing for the size you are now so that you’re guaranteed to get some use out of it rather than letting it gather dust on a hanger. Don’t feel that you’re restricted to frumpy dress designs – sites like simplyme-blog.com/2018/03/21/plus-size-prom-dress-trends-2018/ show some of stylish plus size dresses available and how they can bring out the best of your figure. There are many sites across the web wear you can buy affordable plus size clothing.

Shop second-hand

Second-hand luxury dresses are likely to be a fraction of the price of brand new dresses. You may get lucky and find something in a charity shop or flea market, but your best bet is most likely a consignment store. There are also various online second-hand sites that specialise in pre-owned luxury dresses such as Pandora Dress Agency. Take care when buying online from private sellers on sites like Gumtree – not only will you not be able to try the dress on, you may not be able to return the item. A good selection of photos can help you to get a good idea of the condition so that you know exactly what you’re buying.

Look for clearance sales

You’ll find clothing sales all year round, however, you may not necessarily find great discounts on luxury clothing in these sales. Clearance sales may be the only time when retailers slash the price of designer dresses – this could be a store trying to sell all it’s stock in time for the new season or it could even be a store closure sale in which you’re likely to find some of the best deals. You can search for these closing down sales online. Don't forget to check out voucher websites like dealsplanet who have a good range of clearance deals for clothing, accessories and shoes amongst others.

Consider hiring a dress

Rather than physically owning the dress, you could always hire it for a fraction of the price. Sites like Rent The Runway exist for this purpose and can allow you to choose from a wide range of top of the range dresses to hire that you’d usually pay a fortune for were you to buy them outright. Just make sure that the dress doesn’t get damaged, otherwise you could end up paying for a replacement!

Swap with a friend

If you know a friend who is the same size as you, a great money-saving option could be to try organising a clothes swap. You can trade one of your designer dresses with one of theirs and this way both of you get to wear new snazzy dresses.

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