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Wednesday, 30 May 2018
I am really not sure what Jack manages to do with his school shoes, but somehow they get all scuffed within a day or two and we've been known to have to buy at least three pairs a year, one of these reasons due to growth, other due to the fact he destroys them.
I always recall his first day at nursery, his first ever pair of school shoes, lovely and polished and looking very smart. Jack manages to leave his first morning session with both of the fronts scuffed with the one taking off the top layer of leather. Thankfully, as he's got older he has been able to look after them a little better but still not enough for them to last until he outgrows them.

Recently, we came across a brand called Treads, as a brand they believe they have created the ultimate school shoe which is indestructible. They truly believe this putting a 12-month guarantee on all of their shoes, so if through normal wear any part falls apart they will replace the shoe free of charge. Impressive huh? To me, this sounded too good to be true so I was keen to try them out with Jack.

Treads are an online brand, currently with a range of 8 styles of boys school shoes ranging in sizes from size junior 13 to size 11. As Treads are an online brand, you need to measure your children's feet beforehand, however, this is really simple to do with Treads even having a section on the website to help you out.

So, on we went with choosing a pair of shoes, for Jacks smaller feet size there was a choice of two styles, the Madrid and the Sydney - we opted for the Sydney although both were similar to his normal shoe choice. They have velcro straps to fasten and are an overall smart design, they are priced at £45 but currently just £35 which is an absolute bargain!

This traditional moccasin toe design has been built for active boys. A padded heel collar and cushioned foam footbed offers all day comfort. The touch fasten rip tape allows easy on-off access and that made to measure feel. Hand crafted using the finest of components. Made with permair leather that is soft enough to allow easy flexible movement offering unrivalled comfort and engineered to cope with the rigors of an school yard. The sole is tough and strong but also flexible and lightweight. Teamed with durable ‘dual fit’ technology and subtle stitching finishes off the look.

The shoes are fitted with a 'dual fit' technology which means there is padding within the insoles which can be removed if a wider fit is required for the shoe. Which I think is a fantastic idea, I've found that each time Jack's feet are measured the width can change considerably and even at different seasons his feet can swell. 

The shoes look very smart on whilst also looking sturdy and durable too. Jack has found them to be comfortable throughout the school day and living up to his busy school lifestyle too. 

We have had these shoes for a month now and they have had plenty of use day-to-day at school and so far with regular polishing, they are looking as lovely as when we received them. They have lasted really well with Jacks busy playground antics and school activities if I am able to get him to last the final half term with them looking great that will be a bonus on normal wear and if I can get them to last anywhere near a year I will be really impressed. So far they have lived up to the claims they make although it has only been a month, Jack has normally destroyed shoes by now. 

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Please Note: We received these shoes in exchange for an honest and open review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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