Five Places To Visit with Kids in Bristol | Our Shortlist.

Saturday, 16 June 2018
We have reached that time of year where I'm trying to plan what to do with the kids over the summer, I've been trying to think of places we haven't been to explore which have plenty on offer to entertain us all. One of the places I've considered is Bristol, now we've been to Bristol on a few occasions but never to explore. Whilst considering destinations I have looked for discounts around days out on places such as Groupon. 

When having a look at places Bristol stood out as it's not too far away from us, just a short journey down the motorway, we've been further for day trips. So I've made a short list of 5 places I'd love to visit with the children in Bristol. 

Bristol Zoo. 
I love animals and the children seem to have inherited that, when I was younger I set myself a challenge that I wanted to visit all of the UK zoos and safari parks, when Jack came along I decided he needed to visit them all, then along came Isla. However, Bristol Zoo is one we've never visited so of course, it makes the shortlist. The zoo seems to have a real focus on conservation which is always something that is nice to hear. 

We The Curious. 
Jack is a very curious 6 year old, I mean what 6 year old isn't, but We The Curious seems just the place for him, formerly known as At-Bristol Science Centre, I think it would be a lovely hands-on place for him to visit and to curiously explore. There are over 300 exhibits at the centre to explore so I feel it would keep us busy for a while. 

Clifton Suspension Bridge and Observatory
There seems to be something about the photos and the views from the Clifton Bridge that drew my attention to it, not only that but see the point above about Jack being curious. Whenever we've travelled across suspension bridges or hes seen one in the distance he is always full of questions so what better way to learn about them then to visit one. 

Bristol Aquarium.
As well as loving animals, the children seem to love everything in water too and whenever we visit aquariums are always in amazement at what they can see around them. So although it seems like a small aquarium in comparison it still seems like the ideal place for us to visit for a few hours. 

Blaise Castle. 
You cannot beat a look around a beautiful home with wonderful grounds, so this would also be on our list to visit. I'm thankful the children don't mind exploring a little history and learning along the way, however, there are also playgrounds outside with zip wires to explore which would allow them to burn off some steam throughout the day too.

When it comes to time to book the journey or look into the adventures we will have I will be sure to look for savings on things to do in Bristol. There are many other places that look interesting but these are just the five which have made my shortlist to visit. Hopefully if we manage a trip for a longer stay we will be able to fit in some other places to visit too, or visit a few over a period of time. 

This is a collaborative post. 

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