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Saturday, 23 June 2018
I know many of us don't want to even think about 'going back to school' especially seen as the kids haven't even broken up yet, but this year I'm trying to be organised. I'm going to try and get all the bits and pieces early on and be organised although I guarantee I probably won't.

Come September I will have the two of them in school, that means two uniforms so generally that's why I need to try and be on top of everything. So, not only are we purchasing double the uniforms this year, I also have the task of labelling up both sets of uniform. 

Now labelling clothes, this is a journey in itself, you don't want to write their names in because the pen can wear off, and if you use a Sharpie its possible it may go through to the actual piece of clothing. So then you have those wonderful sew-in labels, you know pre-printed, you don't need to write in them but what you do have to do is spend what feels like a lifetime sewing them in, and that's just for one child! 

I am all for anything which makes my mum life that little bit easier, anything which means I can spend more time with my crazy two is always a winner in my eyes. So whilst on the lookout for labels, I came across Petit-Fernand who sell personalised labels which are stick on, or iron on if you prefer. They have a variety of different label designs in a variety of different shapes for multiple purposes. 

The adhesive sticks within around 2 seconds on the tag and is safe in the washing machine and tumble dryer meaning you can wash and dry after your mucky children until your heart's content without worrying about the labels or names washing out. 

I was sent one of the value packs for each of the children, this consists of 80 labels in a mix of stick on and iron on priced at just £22, with 80 labels each, they should definitely tide us over this year and probably into next too. 

In the value pack, you receive 20 stick-on clothing name labels, 20 iron-on clothing name labels, 10 stick-on item name labels, 10 stick-on shoe labels and 20 stick-on item name labels which are 1 line. It provides a wide range of styles and sizes to fit onto all clothing.

The labels arrived quickly, within just 48 hours, in a small booklet where instructions are given for each style on how to apply them with advice to wait 24 hours before wearing or washing the item. 

What I love about these labels is they are fully personalised to your child, creating the colours, fonts and small design. There are over 30 backgrounds, 11 fonts and over 100 image choices to choose from, there is sure to be something for all children. But most of all, I love how quick and simple it is to apply them to the clothing. I am yet to purchase all of the uniform for them both so have just tried a few out on Jacks current uniform and it took minutes to apply. 

Please Note: I was provided with a voucher to the value of both packs in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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