The Pilot at Aldersley a Sizzling Pubs Review

Tuesday, 5 June 2018
We love to enjoy family meals together, being able to get together and not have to worry about cooking or cleaning up afterwards. This weekend we were invited to a local Sizzling Pubs brand in Aldersley called The Pilot. It was just a short 20 minutes drive from home and a restaurant we hadn't visited before or even known was local. It has been recently refurbished so it was lovely to attend and see how the resturant was as it's always nice to find local places. 

Upon arrival, we headed to the bar as a table had been reserved for us, however generally this would be a find a table and sit down restaurant. We were given a lovely warm welcome before being shown to our table. We attended on a hot Sunday lunchtime, when we arrived it wasn't overly busy which was nice, however, as it got nearer to us leaving it was started to get busier. 

We set to get looking at the menu, sifting through our options and choosing what we would want. There were a wide choice of meals available from classic pub meals, burgers and steaks to the sizzling skillets on offer. 

I opted for the chicken and ribs combo with curly fries, Ashley opted for a salad with a hoisin duck add on whilst my mum opted for the Sunday roast choosing the roast beef. 

One thing which really caught my eye was the kids' menu, obviously with a family its something we always take into consideration, there was an under 5's menu and an over 5's menu which had similar choices just a bigger portion. For Isla, we opted for the under 5's chicken nuggets which consisted of 3 nuggets which was perfect for her, with this choice she chose chips and beans. Jack opted for the build your own chicken wrap. 

Whilst we were awaiting our food, one of the staff members came over and told us where we could find the colouring sheets and crayons along with some children's magazines, she also informed us of 'The Animal Lady' they had visiting that day outside. So whilst we were awaiting our food, the children went outside to look at the various animals and did a spot of reading when they were back inside. 

Shortly after the meals came out, all served piping hot and full of flavour. Each of us enjoyed our meals. 

After our meals, we decided it would be rude not to try there dessert menu too, so Jack and Isla had one from the children's menu, Jack opting for make your own sundae and Isla having a bowl of ice cream. 

Us adults, however, opted for other choices, I decided on the mint aero sundae, Ashley opted for one of the brownies while my mum had the treacle sponge with custard. These all came out really quickly and were perfectly sized. 

After spending a couple of hours in The Pilot, Aldersley we all had a lovely time and felt relaxed. It was a meal we all thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely visit again. It was kind on the purse too, with all of our food and a drink each, one of which was alcoholic, it came in just under £50. 

This is certainly a restaurant I would recommend to others, the staff were friendly and helpful and the environment was warm and welcoming with a lovely large outdoor space and lots of light airy spaces. 

Please Note: We received a £50 voucher in exchange for an honest review, however all words and opinions are our own and not influenced in any way. 

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