A new Television Wishlist.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018
We've had our television since we've lived in this house, and whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with it, times have moved on and they have improved a fair amount. So I'm thinking ahead to a new television and moving our current one into our bedroom or somewhere.

When we purchased the television, generally it would be just to watch television programmes, nothing special, however, recently we’ve started watching a lot more films on there and I’ve noticed the difference in quality. Therefore I’ve decided to make a little wishlist of what I’m looking for and hoping to get from a new television.

Firstly, I think I would like a larger screen size, whilst ours is big enough and we are slightly limited by our television unit, but hey it matches the living room, I just miss our really large television. We have the room size to allow us something slightly larger, and I think it would fit the spacing better. Plus, there is no fooling that something slightly larger would provide us with being able to see more picture.

Next up, I’d really like a 4K TV next time, the better clearer picture will be perfect for when we are wanting to enjoy a film, the picture quality which comes with this would give us a crisper, clearer image and I personally think it would make the watching of television more enjoyable. Imagine being able to see all the detailing that producers put into the things we watch. Linked with a larger size, we would truly get the full potential if we had a 4K television.

No matter what television we would go for, it would need to be a smart TV, we mainly use Prime to watch our films, and occasionally as I don’t watch much evening television if there is something I’ve missed I like to watch it on catch-up so it’s been a lifesaver having everything all in one place rather than having to switch to different devices. Being able to have Youtube on demand too when the children want to watch something has sometimes been both useful and a nightmare but it keeps them happy.

Finally, although not actually connected to the television itself, I would love a new surround sound. We purchased what we thought was a lovely one, and it worked perfectly until we tucked the wires away and then the rear sound never worked again. Again, this would purely be for the purpose of watching films, because having the sound all around makes it enjoyable.

What do you look for in a television, is there anything I’ve missed that I should consider?

This is a collaborative post. 

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