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Thursday, 15 November 2018
I was always told - 'girls are so much easier to potty train', so I always thought to myself, Isla will train herself, she will train early, I will have no problems - erm wrong! Potty training Jack seemed like a crazy adventure. He understood some aspects of using the toilet but with all of our changes happening he just never cracked. Then he was due to start school nursery and on the home visit two days before they told us they wouldn't take them in nappies, so that was that and within a day he was dry. 

I had tried with Isla several times, and with her approach to starting at school nursery getting nearer, I knew she would need to be wearing pants. So, at the start of the summer holidays, we started our potty training journey with her. I was a bit uneven with my days at work and with them at home some days, and other days they were at grandparents there was no stability for Isla to even attempt. At the end of the holidays Ashley had two weeks off, so it was his mission to crack it - and it worked. By the end of the summer holidays, Isla was dry, almost.

Safety 1st had sent us their Smart Rewards Potty to help us with our journey, and it really seemed to help. The Smart Rewards Potty has musical elements and stickers - what more could a child ask for. We had the potty out ever since it arrived, Isla was excited by it, we popped some batteries in and as Isla learnt how to get the music playing she was encouraged to sit on it more. 

The potty sings a song for sitting on the potty, it then detects if you've filled the potty with either motion and plays another tune and if you flush the toilet it will continue to play another before saying you can get a sticker. Initially for Isla, she would only sit on the toilet so we would continuously hear the same song over and over, however, it was more than we had ever achieved with the basic potty so a winner in my eyes. Once, she managed to do a small wee in the potty and discovered the new song it sang which encouraged her to keep trying. 

Eventually, she had pretty much cracked this potty training and had completed her sticker chart which came complete with the potty. Now to cross our fingers that it continues without any accidents. 

The Safety 1s Smart Rewards Potty comes complete with the potty, which is designed to look like a real toilet, it also comes with a deflector shield, two rolls of stickers and a sticker chart. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning. As your child becomes comfortable with the seat, the seat can also be removed and placed onto an adult toilet to make the transition easier for them. 

Overall, I really love this potty, I think it has really helped encourage Isla with learning to use the toilet. I also think the fact it is like the real toilet has helped with transitions when in different locations. It was simple enough to build, my only downside would be the repetitive songs - mainly because my child continuously liked to sit on it to hear them. 

Our update on potty training (after 2.5 months) - Isla has continued to use both the big toilet and the smart rewards potty, there have been some accidents at nursery and she is still wearing nappies to bed - although some nights she will wake up dry. I mention moving the smart rewards potty and she always declares she wishes to keep it longer. 

Please Note: I received this potty in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way

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