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Friday, 14 December 2018
Isla absolutely loves her dollies, and recently has become in love with all things unicorns and mermaids - what girls aren't? So when she saw the adverts on television for the Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid, she instantly declared her love for one, weirdly a few days later we were offered one for review and I knew I couldn't give up on that opportunity for Isla. 

We have been fans of Baby Born for a while now, Isla has a couple of their dolls and I remember having some when I was little. I do need to expand on our Baby Born wardrobe though, poor dolls don't have much choice. Isla has both the boy and girl versions and they are her favourite go-to dolls when choosing one to play with.

The Little Sister Mermaid is still a smaller doll like the ones we have, however, is a 'grown-up' version being a little sister, with her long glamourous blonde locks and a more childlike face. Which is an aspect I as a parent really like, it still has child features rather than being adult-like like most dolls are these days. 

The doll is a great size coming complete with a tiara and brush enabling your child to style and comb her hair should they wish. The tiara comes in a lovely dull pink and the comb in a turquoise which both match her tail and fin. 

When I got her out of the box, Isla couldn't wait to try her out and was mesmerised by the tail. Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid required 3 AAA batteries, which aren't included but thankfully we had stocked up recently on some. With the batteries in, we set to trying her out, there is a small button on the back of her neck which turns her on and off. We pressed the button and patiently, or impatiently for Isla, waited to nothing, I knew the batteries we in right so I set to look at the instructions, which were vague but it seemed the doll needed to be submerged in water for it to work. 

Once in the water, she moved effortlessly along, gliding slowly through the water. I will admit I expected the tail to move a bit more so you could see it, but either way, Isla was amazed and loved her. Isla has had lots of fun both in the water and on dry land with her. 

Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid has an RRP of £29.99 and is a popular mermaid design I can see this being a top toy this Christmas. 

Please Note: We received this doll in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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