Night Before Christmas Experience at intu Merry Hill | A Review

Thursday, 13 December 2018
Christmas is well and truly in full swing now, and this year I wasn't feeling overly festive - that's until the weekend. 

On Sunday afternoon we headed to intu Merry Hill shopping centre to check out their 'Night Before Christmas' experience. We headed over to the centre after Jacks match in the morning and arrived around 1.30pm. We headed straight to the experience which is located on the lower ground in front of guest services. 

When we arrived at the experience, Father Christmas was due to go for a snack and a nap after a busy morning, we were asked to come back around 2pm which we did. We went for a little walk around and headed back to the Christmas experience. 

Both Jack and Isla, and all the other children around, absolutely loved the experience. There were snowmen to have your photo with, snow falls every 15 minutes, a sleigh to sit in, a rocking horse and a chimney to slide down. There was also a station in which you could write letters at, although there didn't seem to be any paper around or pencils, there was a large screen playing too. 

At 2pm we looked around for Father Christmas, however, he was a little late but that didn't spoil the experience for the children and I think if we weren't aware of the time it would have been a nice surprise. Father Christmas arrived with an elf and a reindeer. Everyone was then ushered into the one area where the snowfall happened, Father Christmas sat on a chair where he kept falling asleep (all as part of the story). 

The reindeer then gave the children 'reindeer lessons' where they learnt essential skills of a reindeer like wiggling their bottoms, tiptoeing so you are quiet and wiggling their noses to sniff out tasty carrots. This kept all of the children entertained before they were asked to make a line and practice their skills going down the chimney to sit on the mat near Father Christmas. 

Once at the bottom of the chimney slide, the elf guided each of the children onto the mat to sit near Father Christmas. Once everyone was through and on the mat, they had lessons on how to become an elf, its equally an important role you know. 

After their elf training, it was time to wake up Father Christmas, where a handful of children were invited up to tickle Father Christmas awake, once awake he read a story to the children, 'The Night Before Christmas'. Jack and Isla absolutely loved this, and both seemed to sit engrossed in the story more than I've ever seen before. 

At the end of the story, Father Christmas returned to sleep to get his rest ready for the big night fast approaching, but each child was invited to let the elf know their wishes on the way out. Both of mine proudly made their wishes, thankfully neither of them changing their minds, with Jack asking for a game and Isla asking for a pink present. 

Both Isla and Jack certainly enjoyed themselves and were talking about it for the rest of the day and following it. The elves and reindeer were absolutely fantastic and full of energy for the children. 

No booking is required and best of all the experience is free for everyone, which is great. Its open every day, with opening hours 10am - 7pm Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm on Saturdays and 11am - 4pm on Sundays. There are also other events taking place at intu Merry Hill which you can find out about here.

Please Note: We were invited along to expeiernce this, we were given a gift card in exchange for the review.

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