Peppa's House Tea Set | A Review [#ad]

Tuesday, 7 May 2019
Peppa Pig is a firm favourite in our house, although I think it possibly is in many households. Along with that Isla absolutely loves to role play, and one of her favourite role-play activities is to feed her babies, tea sets are perfect for this. So team together Peppa Pig and a trusty tea set and you are on for a winner. 

Recently we were asked to review the Peppa Pig House Tea Set, and as expected it was right up Isla's street and was an instant hit. 

The box consists of a Peppa's House shaped teapot, four cups, four saucers, four spoons, a sugar bowl and lid and a milk jug. Each teacup has a character sticker on, as do the milk jug and sugar bowl. 

On opening up, Isla instantly set up the teacups in place and offered around her services of 'cups of tea'. Our tea party was set up in the living room, complete with some snacks too, thats always a sign of a good tea party

When using the tea set, the Peppa House teapot has lights and sound effects, so when you open the lid Peppa Pig snorts, when you press the door, it plays the theme tune and when you pour from it, it plays a water running sound. The windows on the set also light up and flash. 

Overall, Isla really loved this tea set and has made us many different hot drinks, shes used it also to feed her babies and its provided endless fun for her. 

The only negative I can find about the whole set, it that some of the stickers placed aren't of the best quality. In our set, some were already beginning to peel off, some were creased on the cups, I think they would have been better sealing them in. 

Please Note: We received this set in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are our own and not influenced in any way. 

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