Moji Pops | A Review [#AD]

Tuesday, 18 June 2019
My kids absolutely love little collectable toys, ones they can get themselves with pocket money or have brought for them, so when we were asked to review Moji Pops, I knew they would be a hit with them both, particularly Isla. 

Moji Pops are a new collectable around town, which consists of over 90 to collect in series 1, with lots of fun characters amongst the collection. Each Moji Pop is an everyday object brought to life with a little emotion face, which can be reversed to display another emotion. The objects consist of pets, household items, nature, travel, sport, food and music with six ultra-rare glitter Moji Pops to collect too. 

The face emotions can be reversed in each character, but they can also be changed between characters to create another new look. 

There are a wide range of Moji Pop packs that can be brought, with reasonably priced ones, to larger sets which are a little more. Blind Bags consist of one Moji Pop and is priced at 90p each, and a 'story' set which consists of two Moji Pops and a mini stage which have an RRP of £2.50, there are 12 story sets to collect. 

The larger sets are Photo Pop blister packs, which have an RRP of £7 containing four Moji Pops and some accessories, the Blister Glitter Surprise, RRP £10, which comes with six Moji Pops and two surprise ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops. Finally, there are four different 'I Like...' playsets, which are ice cream, pets, party and movies which each have an RRP of £12, these contain two themed Moji Pops, various scenery and accessories to bring them to life. 

So what did Isla think of the Moji Pops?
Small collectables can all be so similar these days, so I was unsure how she would be thinking they were something else, however she absolutely loved them. Isla loved popping the faces out and creating new scenes and using the accessories to make little activities for them. 

I found myself talking about the different emotions to Isla, and what each meant and I think they could be a great way for children who may not want to use words to discuss their feelings, to express their emotions through play. 

Isla is already asking when she can add some more Moji Pops to her collection, so I think they definitely have become a firm favourite here. 

Please Note: I received the Moji Pops in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are our own and not influenced in any way. 

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