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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
This weekend we headed along to the National Forest Adventure Farm to check out their Maize Maze. This year the maze was themed to celebrate 50 years since the moon landing, with a Moon Landing Maize Maze and Space Adventures. 

We have been lucky enough to visit the National Forest Adventure Farm previously, and its somewhere which never fails to offer something fun. Both Jack and Isla always have heaps of fun, and come rain or shine there is plenty on offer. 

The maize maze opens throughout the summer, and this year officially opened last weekend, both mazes will remain open until September 2nd. Alongside the large moon landing themed maze is the smaller maze. In previous years we have only ever attempted the mini maze, with Jack each time wanting to do the larger maze. I always thought it would be too long for the children and low and behold if we got lost. This year, however, we did it, we started and finished the large maze without getting lost. It took us a good 2 hours, but still. However, should you get lost, there are phones available at each puzzle point where you can call for help and assistance.

At the start of the maze, you are given a little booklet, which combines the activities and a small map you are then taken and watch an introductory film which begins your mission. Throughout there are various activities to do, and there is a small shop for refreshments in the centre of the maze - on the map it says there are toilets here but there are none but should they be needed the staff should be able to help. 

The puzzles are aimed to be interactive for slightly older children, those such as Jacks age, but both of them were able to enjoy them - particularly the ones such as the small obstacle course. 

The mini-maze is also space-themed, although we didn't complete this one this year, however generally in previous years, we have found it to take around 20 minutes to complete. 

Another space-themed part for this year was the Space Rangers: Alien Rescue. This is an indoor interactive experience where training takes place to join the rangers and save the alien eggs. Without spoiling too much for everyone, we were greeted by a space ranger, then told our mission and some basics before then proceeding with the mission. In parts of this activity, it is dark, and the spaces are small. Isla became a little upset as she felt uneasy but generally, they both loved the experience. 

We haven't visited the farm since 2017 and plenty has changed in that time, parts have been extended, updated and it was lovely to see the improvements taking place. Whilst we were visiting a new food area was being built outside, so more upcoming changes. 

As always, we ensured we got to walk around the animals, both those inside and outside, take the tractor ride, go on the barrel ride and explore the outdoor play equipment. 

Something new we found was the musical maze; this is a lovely brightly coloured small maze featuring various musical instruments along the way for the children to explore. We also went to the indoor play area, had a lovely drink and nibble to eat whilst the kids played. 

This visit, for the first time ever, we got to experience the egg collecting, which the kids both absolutely loved. They have both been learning about eggs and chicks at school so they found this part interesting. 

Overall, we absolutely loved our visit again with plenty of fun things to do. Each of the kids had a fun-filled day and it was lovely to see the changes at the farm and the enthusiasm the staff have for the upkeep and the activities they run. 

The farm is open daily 10am - 6pm, with prices being just £11.24 online and £12.49 on the door and children under 2 go for free. Online prices can be redeemed up until 10am on the day of your visit, and after 10am it is on the door prices only. 

Please Note: We received complimentary entry into the farm for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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