Pirata & Capitano Plush Toys from Posh Paws | A Review

Thursday, 24 October 2019
Each morning always starts with a bit of TV in our house, and more often this will be Milkshake. Theres lots of different programmes which both the children love to watch, one of those being Pirata & Capitano. Both of the children love the story behind the programme and are always engrossed. 

If you've not seen it - why not?! - but, its about Pirata, who has 'the pink skull', her very own pirate ship in which she travels the sea in search of exciting adventures. Shes joined alongside Capitano, who flies a sea plane amongst many other characters.

Recently, Posh Paws launched a range of plush toys to conincide with the show, in which the children have recently received. They recieved Capitano and Roberto, who is the 'top chef of the Great Sea'. 

Isla especially loves soft toys, so these have been a massive hit with her, they've been with her to school, been a comfort at bedtime and just been on her travels around the house. Just like the adventures they get upto in the series.

As with all plsuh toys from Posh Paws, the detailing on these is amazing, made of a fantastic quality and honestly more than you would expect from a soft toy. 

The Pirata & Capitano plush toys retail at £8.99 for 7" and £14.99 for 10".

Please Note: These were received in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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